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Brighten the World at Your Corner // ICHIGU O TERASU

     How should we, who are living in the modern society, act in order to best realize the spirit of Dengyo Daishi(Saicho)? Consider the activity to which Tendai has committed most of its energy in recent years, which is the movement known as "Brighten the World at Your Corner".

     This is connected to the words that begin Saicho's work, "Sange-gakushoshiki",which say:"What are a nation's treasures? True riches are one's faith in Buddha, and those who call it so, and therefore it has from times long ago been said that true riches are not material things but that which shines light into a dark corner."

     A nation's riches are not its physical wealth, but rather the individuals who have faith in Buddha and thus illuminate the darkness with their selves. These words are also emphasized in the legacy left to us by Saicho to "Let our will be known", and this is the goal toward which we are encouraging everyone's efforts.

      The movement to "Brighten the World at Your Corner" was launched in l969 so that each of us can work towards becoming a bodhisattva who illuminates dark corners.

      This movement aims to extend social responsibility as engaged Buddhism throughout society. At the center of this movement is the precept of perfect and sudden awakening; that everyone has the Buddha nature within them and we must awaken to this profound truth.

     The strength of Buddha becomes the strength of society, of one's family, and of one's own life. The ritual to attain this vigor is the refuge ceremony Awaken the Buddha nature within you, and hold it out as a candle to lighten up the world. Do your best; strive to be a nations treasure. In this way we will live in a world filled with promise and peace.

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