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The Eternal Dharma Light Live Stream


    To view the livestream, go to the Blog page and CLICK IMAGE



Many days there are special events. Please contact us for participation details. 


January 1st

Shusho-E, New Year's Day


February 15th

Nehan-E, Nirvana Day


March 21st

Ohigan, Spring equinox celebration


April 8th

Bussho-E, Shakyamuni Buddha's birthday


June 4th

Sange-E, Memorial day for Dengyo Daishi, founder of Japanese Tendai tradition


August 13th-15th

Obon, Memorial days for ancestors


September 21st

Ohigan, Fall equinox celebration


November 24th

Shimotsuki-E, Memorial of Chisha Daishi, teacher of Chinese Tien Tai tradition


December 8th

 ShakaJodo-E, Enlightenment day of Shakyamuni Buddha


December 31st

Joya-E, End of year celebration






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