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May 10, 2020

Fumetsu no Hoto livestream from Mt. Hiei

Hieizan Enryakuji in Otsu will livestream its eternal flame 24-7. 

Fumetsu no Hoto (Flame of Immortality) can be viewed at the linked website. 

Hiei-zan Enryaku-ji, Tendai Headquarters, Japan

Official website of the Headuarters of Tendai-Shu Buddhism, Kyoto, Japan

Tendai-shu Hawaii Betsuin

The home of Tendai-Shu Buddhist Mission established in Hawaii for the education and practice in North America. Led by Grand Arch-Bishop Ryokan Ara- the spiritual advisor of Tendai-shu Buddhism USA.

Banshu Kiyomizu Dera Temple, Japan

Toeizan Senmyo-ji Temple, Japan

Zenko-ji Temple, Japan

Tendai Australia

Official Tendai-shu Buddhism representatives located in Brisbane and Sydney. Led by Rev.Jiryo Moxon and Rev.Jikai Dehn respectively. 

Tendai India

Zenjorin Temple

Rev. Sangharatna Hoten Mantake

Ruyad, (P.O.) Bhendara(Chow) Pauni Bhandara(M.S.), India


Tendai Italy

Contact Rev.Seuin Zampiero, Tenryuzanji Temple

Tendai United Kingdom

Contact Rev.Seishin Clark

Dharma Essays by the late Rev. Keisho Leary

Late Rev.Keisho Leary's Personal Blog

Dr.Michael Saso

Professor Saso is a scholar of the religious practices of Japan and China, with a particular emphasis on Taoism. He has translated Japanese and Chinese religious texts and related works and has written several books on Asian religion. His knowledge of Taoism and Buddhism comes from within those communities: he is an initiated Taoist priest of the Zhengyi Sect as well as an ordained Tendai Buddhist monk having connection to the Hawaii Tendai-shu Buddhist Mission. 


He maintains a blog with many excellent academic articles on Buddhism and East Asian religion. 

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