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Rev. Eijyo Doherty

Temple Assistant


I was born and grew up in Victoria, Australia. My original interest in the teachings of the Buddha stemmed from my martial arts training that I commenced at age 9. I have been taught to practice meditation right from the beginning of my training. I found myself soon attending teachings and learning from some great Buddhist teachers, at that point mostly in the Tibetan and Theravadin traditions.


I moved to Hervey Bay in Queensland, where I was devoting myself to a very much full-time pursuit, along with some other Buddhist practitioners, of setting up a Buddhist Organisation and Centre for the practice of Buddhism. During the three years there, I met any great dharma teachers and practitioners, to some of which I became a direct student. Among them a monk who is a master painter from Tibet with whom I lived during this time. A very close friend and mentor to this day.


Following this, I move to Brisbane where I currently reside. I was drawn to the beauty and clarity of Tendai Buddhism and became a deshi (direct student) of Rev. Dr. Ryoei Tyler who's teacher is Archbishop Ryokan Ara of Tendaisyu Hawaii Betsuin. Under her very generous and compassionate guidance, I have studied and practiced Tendai Buddhism ever since. At the end of 2016, I was very fortunate to receive traditional Tokudo ordination (shukke tokudo) from Rev. Dr. Ryoei Tyler at the Tendaisyu Hawaii Betsuin Dojo, in the presence of Ara Ryokan Dai Sojo. I practice Gongyo and other services with mantra and sutra chanting regularly with Ryoei sensei and the fellow Tendai soryo and/or Sangha members.


I sincerely believe Buddha's teachings are truly beneficial to all without exception, in coming to know the underlying causes of dissatisfaction that we all experience, and even more so, coming to know their ends. I particularly feel that Tendai is well suited to the modern day world, with all of its many modes and methods to come to know the truth of reality. As a Tendai priest, I hope to do my part in bringing these methods to my part of the world so as many as possible can benefit from them.


Since meeting the Tendaisyu expression of Buddha's teaching, my own appreciation of nature and the bare moment to moment has grown so much. Through continued study and practice of Buddhadharma, it is my wish that I can continue to grow exponentially in this way, and that my efforts may bring some benefit to others that I come into with both here in Australia and elsewhere in the world. If anything, this is my wish.



合掌 gassho

栄定 Eijyo


Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche
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