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Please email Rev.Dr.Ryoei Tyler at with:


1) Your contact information

2) Short history of dharma practice and education

3) Statement of interest



If you are interested in a life of service to a spiritual community, in the stream of the Tendai Buddhism, we offer a program of mentorship that is individualized to the capacity and needs of each student. 


Pre-training for Ordination


Through one-on-one video conference, in-person contact, email, reading work and papers you will be taken through a pre-liminary Buddhist education may lead up to TOKUDO. TOKUDO is receiving the bodhisattva precepts and symbolizes formal entry into the priesthood and the beginning of training. At the time of TOKUDO the student will formally become a disciple of the teacher and a training path will be discussed. 

Group Training in Hawaii


Twice a year there is small group training at the Hawaii Betsuin. TOKUDO as well as other specialized training occurs here with senior teachers from other Tendai temples. After TOKUDO is performed new priests are expected to continue their training with visits as well as with the Head Teacher.

Continuing Education


If a priest is qualified and suited for training on Mt.Hiei they may be eligible to attend the two-month secluded training and exams. This requires a considerable time commitment. The other option is continued one-on-one training as well as deepening practice and service through group training in Hawaii and community leadership. 

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